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St. Monica Catholic Parish

Our Lady of Greenwood Catholic Church

Nativity Catholic School - Classroom Addition

SS Francis and Clare of Assisi
Education Expansion

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Working with religious organizations is one of our specialties. The most valuable and rewarding design process is one that is inclusive and involves all concerned parties. We employ a Design Workshop Process where clergy, staff and parishioners all have the unique opportunity to be part of the design team. The best solutions evolve from a partnership and sharing of ideas.

As our school ministry and parish enrollment increased at a much quicker pace than anticipated, CR Stafford was able to design the Assisi Center, oversee its construction and bring completion within a year to very functional and cost effective space for our parish….we recommend CR Stafford and Associates and anticipate seeking out their expertise in future projects."

Fr. Vincent P. Lampert, Pastor
SS. Francis & Clare Catholic Parish
Greenwood, Indiana

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